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Medical Waste Disposal

If you need to dispose of large amounts of medical waste, give us a call. Clean Scene Services specializes in licensed, insured medical waste handling for Gorman.

During the 1980s I recall news stories about medical waste washing up on our beaches. Urban myths about needle stick on Los Angeles' beach's spread without much fact behind them. Still, medical waste fears grew with the spread of Human Immune Deficiency (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency (AIDs).

We can imagine the threat to Los Angeles tourism such stories raised. I know walking on the beach barefoot raised my eyebrows. Life on a Los Angeles beach changed for all of us. These pollution stories included some facts, facts about needle stick in hospitals.

As a result our state government followed the federal government's guidelines concerning medical wastes. Now I think back to 1989 and our Medical Waste Tracking Act's appearance. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ensured administration followed real guidelines. California took regulatory control along with counties and cities. Gorman became environmentally sensitive when it came to medical waste.

The increased cost of safe disposal of medical waste in Gorman raised eyebrows too. It happens that medical waste disposal costs so much we try to reduce its size. Our medical waste stream in Gorman includes syringes, endoscopy tubes, dental tools, bandages, blankets, sheets, and lab wastes.

Landfill disposal for medical wastes will not do. Exposing landfill workers to Gorman's medical wastes will not do. Doing the right thing means medical providers must pass costs on to patients. Doing the right thing for Gorman's medical waste producers means proper handling of sharps and other wastes routinely.

Gorman Biohazard Cleanup Services

Besides our disposal service, we offer professional biohazard cleanup services for Gorman. We come in to clean after human deaths and traumatic injuries. Crime scene cleanup, homicide cleanup, death cleanup, decomposition cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and trauma cleanup fall within our biohazard cleanup efforts.

Our services receive professional recognition from other crime scene cleanup companies. Our efforts stir interest from movie producers, journalist, and other popular culture networks. We remain humble with our attention placed on longevity and expertise. We remain dedicated to professional cleaning and remain a caring family of biohazard cleaners.

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